Brianne Blevins, LMFT-S, LPC-S, PMH-C

Relationship Therapist, Supervisor, and Owner of Austin Women's Counseling 

In today's world, many professionals do their best to balance "having it all" and struggle with their sense of self and managing relationships. I focus on working with individuals who are learning how to live an independent lifestyle and be fulfilled with life, whatever stage that might be. I don't always have all the answers, though sometimes sitting with people is a way to help them heal. At times, as clients share their story, their triumphs, and debacles with life, visions or symbols formulate, which I describe as a way to help others better understand the situation. Much of my experience thus far has been with women's issues and families regarding relationship problems, sex, anger, anxiety, and depression and motherhood, including challenges with parents. I also hold certification in perinatal mental health as well as have experience supporting women and families navigating fertility and perinatal journeys. Additionally, I have a particular interest in working with inter-generational patterns and ancestral trauma. This background has helped to sustain a thriving practice since 2010. I help women get out of their heads and understand where they are in their situations, as well as help heal through their problems by focusing on their strengths and goals. ​In our work, I take a relational and systemic approach to therapy combined with gentle, loving humor. Although I do not see couples at this time, I do have many referrals for wonderful practitioners who can help couples realign their paths.

When I am not working or supervising counselors coming into the field, I enjoy hanging out with my 3 kids, exploring new eateries with spicy food, and drinking coffee with a book.


I am trained in providing video sessions, which are conducted through a fully HIPAA-secure tele-mental health platform from the comfort of your own space. I am happy to provide a superbill if your insurance plan covers out-of-network teletherapy. Available for Texas residents only. All sessions are virtual.


For those interested in managing trauma with a modality that assists traditional talk therapy, you may be interested in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). I have basic training with advanced coursework in ongoing traumatic stress and natural/man made disasters, as well as perinatal mental health. If this might be of interest, please let me know and we can explore together in the assessment. For questions or to learn more about EMDR, click here.

Walk and Talk Therapy

I have a limited number of in-person walk and talk therapy sessions in both Pflugerville and Round Rock, TX.  This is great for parents struggling with the demands and overwhelm of keeping everything going.  I believe that working through emotions with motion is a vital key to wellness.  Infants and toddlers up to 18 months are welcome in a stroller. Please indicate interest in this service on the contact form.  Walk and talk options are subject to therapist assessment to ensure appropriateness of treatment.

Perinatal Mental Health Certified

The perinatal period is defined as the moment of conception through the first year of life. However, I believe that parenting can begin when someone is contemplating having a child, throughout the fertility journey and onward.  Untreated perinatal health issues can long lasting affects for parents throughout their lifetimes as well as on subsequent generations. Certification in perinatal mental healthcare requires extensive training in mood disorders, trauma, medication, therapeutic modalities and treatment, as well as overall parent and child wellness. It requires structured professional education and assessment as well as ongoing continuing education. My hope is to combine training, years of practice, and lived experience to create a nonjudgmental and loving space for families to process and grow. 

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